Happy Birthday To Us

By Theo.

This week marks the anniversary of a very special time for us: 12 months ago, Simple Steps Design Ltd. rebranded itself as Kiss Design Ltd., and started its new life as a stronger and more agile agency. In some ways, the year’s flown by as fast as our Managing Director running a half marathon. But it’s also been a huge year, simply because so much has happened!

We’ve had a wide variety of briefs come in over the past 12 months – a reflection of the varied types of client we’ve worked with. These clients range from home improvements to financial services, from medical to manufacturing.

Work has come in thick and fast, and given us plenty of opportunities to put our values into action: simply creating strong brands and messages that cut-through and resonate more powerfully with our clients’ customers. And, in the process, producing many beautifully crafted assets such as websites, brochures and digital content.

The Kiss team has been as busy out of the office as it has in it. This year, we’ve gotten married, had babies, gone ghoulish, partied hard, and even hiked a mountain.

It’s pertinent for businesses to reflect after 12 months and think strategically about what they’re hoping for over the coming year. In our case, however, the answer is very simple: drive our clients’ success – and ours too – even further than we managed in 2017.