Kiss Christmas Party!

By Mike.

It really has been a whirlwind first six months or so for Kiss. We have launched as an independent agency, worked with a range of clients on some really exciting and creative projects and already begun planning some even bigger and better work next year.

So, what better way to finish 2016 than with the first ever Kiss Design Christmas Party? On Thursday evening our team got dolled up and headed to The NEC in Birmingham for a night of fine food and drink with extravagant entertainment at Zulu Sundance, part of Christmas Party World.

Upon arrival we were met with tribal African dancers and drummers. Then, as we stepped into the arena, which had been transformed into something that was a cross between the jungle and a movie set from Indiana Jones, we started on the canapés and cocktails. (The raspberry mule was a personal favourite).

Later on, we headed into the dining area and took our seats for the three-course meal, complete with crackers! Of course, as you would expect, this quickly developed into a competition as to who could complete their crackers’ mini jigsaw puzzle first.

As the different courses came out and everyone enjoyed a few drinks, the stars of the show came on stage. With dancers and gymnasts performing breath-taking routines and all sorts of acrobatics, we were certainly impressed.

Here at Kiss, we love getting dressed up, even though it is usually fancy dress over fancy dresses, so it was nice to see everyone suited and booted.

Following dinner, the fun and games really started as the venue unveiled several fairground rides for people to come and enjoy. We immediately headed for the dodgems, which was good fun and resulted in some hilarious pictures.

All in all, we had a great time at Zulu Sundance and it was a great chance to celebrate the end of a fantastic first year at Kiss Design… and I’m already looking forward to the next one!