Happy Halloween!

By Amie.

I absolutely love fancy dress and try to find any excuse to get dressed up - whether it’s a birthday or a special occasion, I’ll find a reason to convince everyone to get the fancy dress box out. Because of this, Halloween is always a stand-out date in the calendar and a chance to have a bit of fun and usually get everyone involved. So, this year, even though it fell on a Monday, I decided we would go all-out for Halloween at Kiss and ensure fancy dress all round – all day!

After much persuasion and some hilarious entrances, the day was a real success and had everybody smiling all day. If you can’t tell who everyone is in the picture – here’s a bit of help…

Andy + Finlay.

Andy, our Head of Design, came in full Frankenstein gear, alongside his son Finlay who was a mischievous little Dracula, a truly scary father and son combo. We love having Finlay in the office but I think he was over the moon to have a teachers training day at his school on Halloween and get involved! 


Arguably the scariest of the bunch, Matt, our Creative Artworker, came in as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, complete with overalls, mask and plastic blade!


I was the only one brave or naïve enough to commute into the office in my full outfit as the devil, horns and all! Some would say it is quite fitting, I bet!


Our Managing Director, Emma, was out at meetings in the morning but made the effort to go home and come in as a spooky zombie bride – an amazing and very surprisingly great effort.


Our content and social media executive, Mike, is the newest recruit to the team and so spent most of last week convinced that this was going to be an elaborate stitch-up! He played it safe for his commute to work but soon got into character when he realised we weren’t joking!


It was a great effort from the Kiss team, and I already planning the next excuse for a dress up! I think I see a Christmas Jumper Day coming up!