Baxi Pensions

Crafting an impactful new brand for the Baxi Pension Scheme

Brand creation

One piece of Baxi’s internal communications stands out above the others in terms of its scope and importance: communicating the company’s pension scheme.

As a key part of Baxi’s benefits package, the company is proud to offer a solid pension to its employees. Communicating these facts engagingly in the world of pensions is never easy. Kiss helped to develop a significant campaign that included multiple brochures and booklets, a website, and more.

Pensions are a complex subject, and our first task was taking a huge amount of content and making it simple, engaging, and easy to understand.

As pensions are so heavily regulated, Kiss had to be mindful at every stage of the legal requirements inherent in writing about them.

The campaign concluded with an original concept by Kiss: The Baxi Pension Passport. This carefully crafted asset is designed specifically to help Baxi employees navigate their route to retirement.

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