Wealth Management marketing: confidence is key

By Theo.

Branding and communications play a key role in many of the actions we take and decisions we make every single day. From where we choose to go for lunch, to which pair of trainers we pick up at the shops, branding and the way companies choose to present their products or services has a significant effect on our decision-making. For that reason, getting branding right is crucial to the on-going success of businesses in any area.

We work with companies and brands in a range of sectors to make sure that every time their customers come into contact with them, the message is simple, refined and on-brand.

But one of the sectors we work with in particular is wealth management, where we have helped various clients with everything from individual creative assets (brochures, websites, live performance charts) to underlying brand identity. The value of strong branding for these companies is well known, and irrefutable: good business performance correlates very closely with good branding.

Dealing with people’s finances and investing them wisely not only requires a huge amount of trust and respect, but the underlying expertise on which this trust is based. So, if this expertise is not being communicated effectively, wealth managers will fail to build the aura of credibility necessary to succeed in the industry.

For this reason, wealth management businesses looking to refresh their branding need to be very discerning when it comes to picking an agency to work with: do your marketers understand why your portfolios are weighted the way they are? And can they explain it to your clients in a clear and compelling manner? If the answer to either of these questions is no, you should consider looking elsewhere.

If you think that your company could do with refreshing or improving their branding and marketing, then get in touch here.