The Kiss Design Christmas advert review

By Everyone.

At Christmas, a few things are certain. As well as lots of nice food, mulled wine and Michael Bublé playing on repeat, there will be a whole range of Christmas adverts on television from all the major high-street brands and chains.

It has become an annual event, waiting for the release of adverts from these different companies and watching them go viral, with some adverts making us laugh, others making us cry, but all of them letting us know that the holidays are approaching. (And that we really should get a start on all that shopping!)

Of course, everyone has their own opinions, but we thought we would review a few of the special adverts that jumped to our attention.

John Lewis.

Where else could we start? John Lewis is renowned for its Christmas adverts, with the last few years’ examples impressing, and causing waves. This year, the retailer went away from their usual route of sad yet inspiring Christmas stories to focus on the more light-hearted and funny story of Buster the Boxer.

This year’s tale, which has already racked up over 21 million views on YouTube, is of a dog that is infatuated with his owner’s trampoline, and longs to bounce. The advert has been met with mixed reviews but we give it a 9/10 for emotional engagement.


The next entry on the Christmas advert review is from Sainsbury’s. The supermarket chain has put together a musical cartoon created with stop frame animation and featuring the well-known vocals of James Corden.

Coming in at a whopping three minutes and thirty-five seconds, Sainsbury’s tell the story of Dave, a hard-working dad, who realises that the best gift he could give his family at Christmas is his time and attention.

This advert has been produced in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, as part of Sainsbury’s on-going effort to raise money to help patients’ families stay closer to their children during their difficult and sometime heart-breaking times.

We give Sainsbury’s festive effort an 8/10 for emotional engagement…it was very close to a 9 but just that bit too long to keep some viewers’ attention.


The Robin is one of the best-known Christmas symbols, and this year Waitrose have based their advert around one red-breasted bird that just wants to get #HomeForChristmas, as an eagle-eyed young girl waits for its arrival.

This has pitted them against John Lewis, in being based around an animal-driven story, but they have gone for a beautifully shot, almost nature documentary-style production that is truly impressive.

This effort from the up-market food retailer certainly pulls on the heartstrings – we are giving it a 7/10 for feeling Christmassy, but a whopping 10/10 for emotional engagement!

Marks & Spencer.

This year, Marks & Spencer, went down a slightly different route, with their advert focusing around Jake, a ‘six-but-seven-in-two-weeks-year-old’ who drafts in the help of Mrs Claus, to try and make amends with his sister.

There are some genuinely funny bits, but a strong and unashamed helping of cheese scattered throughout the advert. Also, there is something to be said for such a fresh approach, focusing on the role of Mrs Claus, instead of the bearded bloke himself. We give this a 7/10 for emotional engagement…it’s just a little bit too ‘M&S’!