The importance of mobile

By Amie.

It is often said that too many people nowadays are glued to their phones. Between chatting, watching, reading and browsing social media we spend too much time looking into their palms. Sometimes we don’t even know that we’re doing it!

With my marketing hat on, I think this increase in mobile dependency and the rising amount of people doing their shopping and browsing via smartphones is fascinating, and has definitely changed traditional attitudes towards advertising.

A recent report by eMarketer found that digital ad spending is set to rise by 12% in the UK this year, with this growth being driven by increased mobile spending to keep up with the mobile rise. However, as these growing investments from companies of all sizes appear, brands need to make sure that their mobile adverts are actually engaging their audience, or they risk getting disregarded sub-consciously (or with an ad blocker!)


Source: Digiday

The rise in availability and performance of mobile and tablet devices has meant that there is no longer a ‘hierarchy of screens’. If you doubt this, just think, how many Christmas presents did you buy? And how many of them did you order on a mobile device…?

Whether you are doing it via email marketing, social media or other forms, digital mobile advertising is an excellent chance for your business to be creative, engaging and unique in their messaging.

It can sometimes be daunting to look at a new form of marketing your business, with mobile being a great example of this, but it is a massive opportunity. If you want some direction over your online marketing, or think it is about time you started spreading the word about your business, why not get in touch?