Kiss launch new website and brand!

By Theo.

If you want your workplace to look and function better than it ever has before, you probably want to speak to Streamline Office Services. But who do they contact when they want a website that looks and functions better than ever before? Look no further: Kiss Design!

Streamline Office Services is a brand with a strong local heritage. It was founded in 1971 to bring a modern and efficient approach to office workflows in the Midlands. And that doesn’t just mean your standard small-to-medium size corporate offices (although they’ve dealt with plenty of those) – it means pretty much any professional environment: home offices, big commercial premises, hospitals, schools, – you name it, and the company has probably done it.

Streamline was a special one for us at Kiss – our Managing Director, Emma George, has a history with the brand. Streamline’s owner, founder, director, and all-round office expert Mark Steel is Emma’s uncle. And all those years ago, before she set out on her quest to simplify marketing, he gave her a job! So it’s fair to say that, in a way, working on the Streamline brief was a little like coming home for her.

“It was great to be able to make a difference to a company that I’m so fond of,” Emma said “I really enjoyed my time at Streamline, and I think that experience helped give me a great perspective to work from. Because I know the brand, and the people, intimately, I had a solid idea of what would work for them. I think the results speak for themselves: the new website is sleek, straightforward, it looks great, and the customer journey is as clear as it could possibly be.”

To create Streamline’s new website, we started right at the beginning: What is the brand about? What does it do? And why? And how does it carry it all out? Basically: what makes Streamline special?

We re-wrote all of the copy, built and designed an updated website with a fresher feel to showcase Streamline’s general ethos (the clue’s in the name), and put the customer journey first. This last point was crucial, because the web design had to act as justification for the product: if you’re a company that’s all about designing office spaces and optimizing workflows, you need your website to be equally well-designed and easy to use. It’s a credibility issue.

Mark Steel shares Emma’s positive response to the new site, saying: “I’ve been really impressed by Kiss. Streamline is all about quality, and that’s what they’ve delivered.”