Vascular Perspectives

Creating product brands for an innovative medical specialist

Concept creation
Logo design
Marketing support

Vascular Perspectives is a family-run medical device seller that brings innovative new products into the UK market.

With specialisms in the areas of cardiology and radiology, the company is at the cutting edge of medical devices, and considers educating medical professionals on the latest devices part of its mission. When the company decided to rebrand a selection of its products, it was clear that they would need to find a team capable of communicating its complex subject matter as simply and engagingly as possible.


A major part of the work required is conceptual, and Kiss had ample opportunity to originate and develop a variety of design routes and logos for many of Vascular Perspectives products and partner brands.

We are able to provide comprehensive marketing support as Vascular Perspectives roll’s out new branding projects, ensuring a smooth transition.

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