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Streamline Office Services has been improving workplaces for almost 50 years.

The company was founded in 1971 to ensure that a wide variety of professional buildings, from home offices and corporate premises to schools and hospitals, were keeping pace with the modern world. However, while Streamline was making sure its clients kept pace with new developments, its website and brand was beginning to look dated: that’s where Kiss comes in.

Streamline is more than just a seller of chairs – it is a source of knowledge, hard-won over half a century of experience. This knowledge had to permeate the brand and define the business.

Kiss took a structural approach to the company’s website, ordering information to ensure an intuitive user journey that felt as smooth as possible. We then optimised that site for each medium in which it would appear.

Since the website went live, we have continued to produce and curate original content for Streamline that demonstrates how the company lives with it the proposition at its core.

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