Clockwork IT

Taking an IT specialist that had lost its brand identity and helping it to find a new one

Brand strategy
Key messaging
Content writing
Logo design
Email marketing
Social media

Clockwork IT is a software company that develops tools to increase its customers’ efficiency, saving them time and money.

Founded in 2005, the company’s products have evolved massively since inception – but its web presence was a poor reflection of the brand it had become. Kiss design was tasked with a major challenge: take the brand values that lived at Clockwork’s core, and build a website and digital assets that did them justice.

Kiss stripped Clockwork right back down to its core values to reinvigorate its branding.

We designed a conceptually satisfying logo that spoke to the company’s identity, and chose a professional colour palette to dress the brand.

Kiss also originated multiple creative assets, such as iconography, for the website.

We managed social media for the brand, letting Clockwork inhabit a space in its industry.

In addition to our online work, Kiss created a range of beautiful print products.

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