We’re hiring

By Emma.

Kiss Design is growing again. We are on the hunt for two new members of the team:

A Junior – Middleweight Designer with print, branding and digital experience, WordPress would be an advantage but not essential.

Telesales Executive that is driven and focused as main responsibility is appointment making, however organisation skills is a requirement as you will also be part of the project management team.

If you’re interested in finding out more please contact emma@kissdesignltd.com

Happy Birthday To Us

By Theo.

This week marks the anniversary of a very special time for us: 12 months ago, Simple Steps Design Ltd. rebranded itself as Kiss Design Ltd., and started its new life as a stronger and more agile agency. In some ways, the year’s flown by as fast as our Managing Director running a half marathon. But it’s also been a huge year, simply because so much has happened!

We’ve had a wide variety of briefs come in over the past 12 months – a reflection of the varied types of client we’ve worked with. These clients range from home improvements to financial services, from medical to manufacturing.

Work has come in thick and fast, and given us plenty of opportunities to put our values into action: simply creating strong brands and messages that cut-through and resonate more powerfully with our clients’ customers. And, in the process, producing many beautifully crafted assets such as websites, brochures and digital content.

The Kiss team has been as busy out of the office as it has in it. This year, we’ve gotten married, had babies, gone ghoulish, partied hard, and even hiked a mountain.

It’s pertinent for businesses to reflect after 12 months and think strategically about what they’re hoping for over the coming year. In our case, however, the answer is very simple: drive our clients’ success – and ours too – even further than we managed in 2017.

Welcoming Mark!

By Emma.

It has been an exciting start to the year for Kiss Design, with some really great work being done on everything from website design to brochures and bespoke animations.

Well, now there is some more good news… our team is growing!

As you know, we are a close-knit bunch at Kiss, and we are delighted to welcome Mark to the team as our new Operations Director. Starting earlier this week, Mark has joined the business and will be helping with everything from studio management to project planning and helping make our strategic decisions.

Mark has vast experience within the creative industry and marketing agencies. Having gone straight into the industry as a 16-year-old on work experience, he never looked back, and 26 years of work later, he has seen it all.

Mark has joined the business after spending his last two and a half years working at digital agency, CAB Studios, as Studio Producer, and has already started bringing valuable thoughts and insights to the team!

Design’s impact on the beautiful game

By Mike.

Football is the world’s most popular sport and enjoyed by people of all different ages, backgrounds, religions and nationalities. And, this is why the sport has become such a hub and hotspot of marketing and design, as clubs compete over not just on-field glory, but off-field fiscal success also.

Apart from the geographical locations and players, one area that sets different clubs apart is their design, branding and marketing. Whether it’s through product sponsorship and endorsements, design collaborations or fresh social media content, the marketing department of Premier League clubs are always working on new projects to try and stay ahead of the game, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Changing how a company or a brand’s logo looks is very tricky and needs to be handled delicately, especially if it is a symbol that prompts mass recognition. That is heightened in football’s case, as the loyalty and love fans have for their clubs creates a real emotional attachment.

This means that any changes need to be subtle, tasteful and well thought out by everyone involved, as a misstep can cause a backlash, as Everton FC found out following a high-profile revolt against their proposed new logo back in 2013. So, the stakes are high from an emotional point of view, but also from a financial sense, with Manchester United’s ‘brand value’ being rated at over $1.1 billion by Statista.

When done well, design, branding and the beautiful game can come together spectacularly, as fans the world over will pay out for their favourite kit designs, or the latest model of Adidas or Nike football boots for instance.

In terms of social media, football is in a realm of its own, with millions upon millions of fans all over the world wanting to get a glimpse into the inner workings and behind the scenes moments of their team and favourite players. With clubs feeding the beast with digital campaigns and a constant stream of content, they only seem to grow their channels.

However, these accounts have a much higher level of gaffes and errors than you’d expect from organisations of such a size. This is because to try and maximise their content they have to be reactionary and often get content out during or shortly after matches, when a lot of their fans/customers are browsing the social channels.

There is a whole world of marketing and design material being put out by elite football clubs, and just how this relationship between business, sport and design continues to evolve in the coming years will be fascinating.