Kiss Design launches new mobility brand

Emma George

Earlier this year, Kiss Design faced a new challenge: launching Shire Mobility, a brand that supplies high-end mobility aids, like wheelchairs, stairlifts, and mobility scooters. This posed a number of unique challenges – not least among them, how to elevate the brand in an industry that, quite frankly, has an outdated and unconsidered web presence.

Today’s world is characterised by the near-global availability of high-speed internet, and we’re all customers of online platforms like Amazon or Apple’s App Store. These pioneering companies have set a standard for businesses that wish to perform well online. And today, most of us feel that, as customers, we are owed a certain quality of experience.

It is not even a particularly difficult bar to meet. Companies like Kiss Design can put together attractive, well-designed, well-written, websites that are as pleasant to use as they are to look at. Gone are the days when only the biggest names and deepest pockets could afford to make an impression online. Today, that goal is well within the reach of small to medium size enterprises.

Don’t people who need wheelchairs, frames, or mobility scooters deserve the same level of consumer experience as people looking to buy a book or a car? We think they do – and so do Shire Mobility. That’s why Kiss particularly enjoyed partnering with Shire to bring a breath of well-needed fresh air to this vital and underserved industry.

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