Meet the Kiss team


As a team, we have more than 60 years of experience working in the creative industry. We’re passionate about using the skills developed in that time to deliver the best work possible to our clients because, ultimately, their success is our success.

Emma’s background is in marketing recruitment, a field where her constant smile, determination and ‘go-getter’ attitude proved to be real assets. She still smiles a lot now, despite her responsibilities as Kiss Design’s fearless leader – though that may be down to the gin. When not knee-deep in marketing and creative, Emma runs marathons, scoots through the country on her Vespa, and chills out with her dog Joey.

Emma George

Managing Director

Lynsey has driven recruitment strategy at some of Bristol and the Midlands’ leading marketing agencies, where her problem solving skills, client-centric approach, high-energy, and dry sense of humour were a valued asset. Outside of work, she can often be found chasing her daughter, cats and husband, around the house. Or, if she’s lucky, sitting down with a quality Gin from her ever-growing collection.

Lynsey Arnold

Client Services Manager

We are currently looking for Junior to mid-weight designer, that can work across digital and print. Please send us your portfolio if you think you could be the next addition to the KISS team.

This could be YOU!


Andy’s 16 years industry experience in leading agencies from London to the North means that he’s well qualified to push Kiss Design’s boundaries when it comes to creative thinking. He’s passionate, hardworking, knowledgeable and when it comes to design, utterly unphasable. His life away from work is filled with cycling and dark rum – an explosive concoction that he takes a break from with his family and extensive trainer collection.

Andy Brett

Head of Design

Amie’s a multi-tasker with a sharp eye for detail. A self-confessed DIY addict and adrenaline junkie, her spare time is filled with everything from house painting to skydiving. It only takes a couple of vodka martinis before she’s proposing office-wide fancy dresses – but whatever she’s wearing, Amie’s passion for top-notch marketing remains her most praiseworthy asset.

Amie Johnson

Digital & Project Director

Tanya doesn’t conform to the usual stereotypes about financial wizards – she’s more comedy club than Wall Street – in anything other than one way: she’s absolutely on-top of the numbers, and rigorous when it comes to getting Kiss the best deals. When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s usually cycling with her kids or sipping a large gin and tonic!

Tanya Brittain

Finance Director

Phu is a digital genius who prides himself on the ability to solve any problem, big or small. He’s known as ‘The Baby Faced Assassin’ because he doesn’t have any facial hair, but he does have game. One of his favourite pastimes is football – although it’s questionable whether he really understands the rules – he’s managed to break both hands doing it. From the Maradona school, perhaps?

Phu Chu

Senior Developer

Theo’s copy has seen him honoured multiple times at some of the UK’s biggest creative award shows. As Kiss Design’s senior copywriter, he is responsible for making sure that every word the company issues passes muster (like these team bios, for example). Unsurprisingly, his colleagues think of him as a heroic figure, and ‘a bit of a legend’. His hobbies include marriage, fatherhood, and whiskey.

Theo Leworthy

Senior Copywriter