Our first Baxi magazine!

By Amie.

We love getting involved in lots of different creative projects for our clients, and one of our latest projects was a great chance to showcase how our branding, copywriting and creative skills can come together to produce something great!

Baxi are a leading name in the heating industry, and we have been working with them on their internal communications over the last few months. Now, as part of their new internal comms brand: ‘Get Connected’, we have produced their latest quarterly magazine, which is just one of the exciting plans that has been implemented to improve their internal communication.

Andy, our Head of Design, and Matt our Creative Artworker, worked on the project and how we could refresh their existing magazine with new ideas and designs.

Containing stories about charity initiatives, the latest internal innovations and their employees’ achievements, the 24-page CanDo magazine was printed and shared with all employees across Baxi Heating. Also, Baxi will share the online version of the magazine via their new branded email marketing system.

This magazine is part of a wider strategy to improve internal communication at Baxi and boost performance. Also, it is something we really enjoyed working on and we are chuffed with the outcome, as are Baxi!

What should your business’s New Years resolutions be?

By Andy.

Whenever a new year rolls around it offers us the chance, as individuals, to make a change. Whether it is ditching the cigarettes, becoming more active or just trying to be a little bit wiser with your money, lots of people take the clean slate of a new year as a chance to give them a boost in the long term.

So, why shouldn’t you take this approach to your business? In marketing, changes you make now can reap rewards both in the immediate and in the long-term future.

Could your business do with a marketing boost to replace that outdated website and marketing material that was created years ago? Well, why not make it your new years resolution to improve this and make your company stand out amongst your competitors?

Is your business using social media effectively to communicate your message consistently and build a following? If not, why not? You could make sure that this year you learn how to engage across these different platforms and monitor how they are influencing your business?

From subtle design changes to total rebrands and website re-launches, a change or improvement in marketing can revolutionise how a company comes across and help them engage with more customers.

If you are interested in looking at how clarifying your marketing could boost your business, then get in touch here.

The launch of the Quercus website

By Amie.

Quercus is a supplier of high-quality timber products to joinery and furniture manufacturers. With no communication to their customers or digital presence, Kiss were approached to work with Quercus on their brand strategy, digital and design communications.

This is our perfect type of client as we can start at the heart of the brand strategy, then research their competitors and customers and conclude with the right identity and marketing strategy.

Once the tone of voice, personality and image styles were determined, we set to work on a two-day photo shoot on site at their warehouse and at some of their supplier premises. Quercus is proud to say they are a family-run business, so we were more than happy to take lots of photos of their fabulous team and get their happy, friendly personalities on camera.

Once the shots were selected, and the email marketing was well underway, we were able to focus on building their first website. We’re very proud to say that we’ve been involved from the outset for everything from the user experience through to writing copy and developing the site…

Visit the Quercus website here

But it doesn’t stop there – we are continuing to produce their bi-weekly blogs and manage their email marketing, as well as looking to the future for their new marketing collateral. Stay tuned for the next Quercus update!